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Welcome to


Welcome to our family. 

When you work with us, you are building a life-long relationship.

At Bailley Group Wealth Management...

  • ... we are not focused on “transactional” business
  • ... we are entering into a long term commitment to help you accomplish your goals
  • ... we want to make sure your spouse and children know that if something happens to you, the first phone call they make is to us
  • ... we will walk you through all aspects of your financial planning and take care of you holding your hand each step of the way
  • ... we will never pressure you with sales tactics at our firm 
  • ... you'll have access to a financial professional that holds an RICP® designation and insurance license. At Bailley Group, you will work with all different types of investment, insurance and financial products
  • ... we are a truly independent firm with access to a wide variety of investment platforms.

Our focus isn’t on the product, it’s on the strategy.

At Bailley Group, you don’t get a “cookie cutter” plan designed to pigeon-hole clients. We design and implement a financial plan tailored to your specific needs.

Everyone has “stuff”. You may have a CPA, attorney or advisor who has done work for you, but have you had someone come in and make sure everyone is on the same page? Make sure everything is working towards a cohesive plan? There’s an enormous difference between having a bunch of stuff, and having a written plan with an implementation strategy. Putting away money and saving for retirement is vastly different than having an income strategy once you retire.

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